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Industrial Chemicals at Woburn

Woburn Chemicals supply the best in industrial standard chemicals to many varying industries and companies.

Industrial Chemicals

At Woburn Chemicals, we supply a range of industrial chemicals for a broad range of uses and industries all delivered across an extensive range of areas including: Milton Keynes, Luton, Northampton, Bedford, London, the South East and home counties. If your area isn't listed then please get in touch and a delivery can be arranged!

Our products have a wide scope of application and can therefore be used across a broad range of markets. This includes acids and solvents, alkalis, water treatment chemicals and swimming pool chemicals. We provide industrial chemicals to companies in the petroleum industry for production & refining. As well as pharmaceuticals and products such as detergents and soaps.

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At Woburn Chemicals, we don't just supply chemicals – we offer a complimentary range of services that encompasses mixing and blending, packaging, warehousing and distribution.

Whatever your dealings with us, you can rest assured that our response will be friendly and efficient. Over our 40 years in the chemical industry, our success has been built upon an ability to cater our supply to our customer's needs, when they want it.

Many of our customers look to Woburn Chemicals for a solution to their chemical handling problems. We can assist them by drumming off from bulk and toll filling. We also have the facilities to re-pack and re-label products to their exact specification.

Flexible packaging options include bulk tankers down to small packs with fully integrated returnable packaging solutions. We have invested heavily to ensure that our packaging gives us the versatility to individually tailor the type of packaging and/ or size to meet your specific needs.

Each container is approved and regularly tested in accordance with the UN standards for hazardous packaging. Wherever possible, Woburn Chemicals promote the use of returnable containers to reduce packaging waste and high disposal costs. In fact, 80% of our packaging is returnable.

We also undertake third-party packaging for a variety of clients under strictest confidentiality to protect patents and other intellectual property.

All our people are experts in their field. Most of our team have been with Woburn Chemicals for many years, so when you call, you'll always be speaking to the same people, who will then be able to add a personal touch to the service we provide you with.

Even our drivers have been with us for over 20 years and have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience that they then use to provide the best service to our clients. So if you think that your current supplier is not meeting your expectations, try Woburn Chemicals!